Towel - an audio player




This shot shows Towel 0.0.1 running on GNU/Linux, playing Ogg Vorbis format music using GStreamer. Features of note are the completely new playlist/music library visible here, with groups on the left-hand-side and tracks belonging to the group on the right. The group name in italics indicates which group the currently-playing track belongs to; if we were looking at that group, the current track would also be in italics.

There are also lots of unlabelled checkboxes. In the groups window, the leftmost column indicates if a group is available for inclusion in the random track selection system or not - with some extra functionality added, this will allow fast selection of which music in an entire music collection you wish to play. The rightmost column, if checked, forces the group to be played in sequential order, rather than selecting the next track randomly. Tracks only have one checkbox each, which selects/deselects them for consideration by the code which chooses which track to play next.

One day, all this will be explained in Towel's documentation. Honest.

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