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Unstable Development Releases

Towel 0.4.0

A fairly usable release of Towel.

Towel 0.4.0 may be downloaded from the file release system. It is available as a bzip2 tarball of source code. Build instructions are contained within the README file in the release.

Distribution Packages

Gentoo Linux

An ebuild is available for Gentoo Linux, although currently only for Towel 0.3.0. An ebuild for 0.4.0 will be forthcoming shortly. As Towel is not entirely stable yet, the ebuild has not been submitted for inclusion in Portage, and will not be until Towel is considered more complete than it currently is.

You can down the ebuild from the file release system. To use it, the best strategy is to put it in your PORTDIR_OVERLAY directory under media-sound. You'll need generate a digest for it using ebuild digest before you can emerge it, and you should also bear in mind that Towel and several of its dependencies are marked unstable on x86. Towel might run on other architectures, but we haven't had the opportunity to test it. If you have something like an amd64 system, we would be interested to hear your experiences.

If you don't understand the above instructions, wait for Towel to appear in Portage.


If Towel's releases aren't unstable enough for you, Towel CVS is probably even more so. You can check it out via anonymous CVS from using the steps below. anonymous CVS is sometimes considerably behind the primary CVS servers, at least at the moment, so very recent changes might not be reflected here.

cvs login

cvs -z3 co towel-gtk2

See our SourceForge project page and SourceForge's documentation for more information on obtaining code from SourceForge's CVS repositories.


The following packages are required to build Towel. Please note that these packages may have dependencies of their own which need to be satisfied - gtkmm, for example, requires a suitably recent version of GTK+ and libsigc++.

The following packages are optional but strongly recommended.

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